Artist Statement

"I paint for the sheer joy of it. Every step of the journey is exciting- buying supplies, setting up my studio, preparing the surface, painting, varnishing, and signing my name. Even though there are methodical steps involved, the flow of creation feels magical. I consider the paintings that work gifts and I am honored and delighted to share them."


Jeannine Marie Luke grew up in Napa, California. Her studies informal and have taken her on adventures far and wide. She finds inspiration in the joy of life and spending time in her favorite places, especially Calistoga and Laguna Beach, California, Hawaii, and Florence, Italy. One of Jeannine's paintings is on permanent exhibition in the Fremantle Museum in Fiesole, near Florence, in Tuscany, Italy. Jeannine is represented by the Big Sur Coast Gallery in Big Sur, California.

Jeannine lives in Laguna Beach.